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Château was established in 1979 in Taiwan and is a well-known manufacturer and exporter of musical instruments today. Château now has several offices in Tianjin, Guangzhou and recently added a distribution center in California. Château products have competitive prices and offer a limited one-year warranty to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Château is committed to excellence, style, innovation and continued quality improvement.

Chateau USA olgo

“New Sound… New Breed” - by Château USA


Chateau soprano saxophoneChteau curved soprano saxophone

The soprano sax is presented in both the traditional straight model, and the curved soprano model. 

There are 4 models of the straight style, and 2 models of the curved style available.


soprano saxophones by Chateau

Chateau alto saxophone

The alto sax comes in nine different models, finishes and decorations.

Alto saxes by Chateau

Chateau tenor saxophone

The tenor sax is available in seven different models, finishes and decoration.


tenor saxophones by Chateau

Chateau baritone saxophone

The baritone sax has a black body lacquer key with flower engraving and an ABS case.



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