Model:                     CTR-5260L-RSM
Key:                           Bb
Finishing:                 Satin 
Bore:                         ML 0.460"
Bell:                           Red brass
Bell size:                    5.250"
Bell thickness:          M (Medium)
Leadpipe:                  Sterling silver

Design Influence:     Dizzy                    

​MSRP:                        $2600

Model:                  CTR-1000H-YSS
Key:                       Bb
Finishing:              Lacquer
Bore:                     ML 0.460"
Bell:                       Yellow brass 
Bell size:                4.843"
Bell thickness:      S (Standard) 
Leadpipe:              Yellow brass

MSRP:                     $895

Jim Manley  plays CarolBrass Click on the video button to hear Jim live at a recent gig playing his new CarolBrass EURO BELL.

​11048 Olive Blvd   Creve Coeur, MO  63141   (314) 218-6565​​

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CarolBrass® instruments are designed and manufactured based on more than 30 years of experience and knowledge, and each CarolBrass® instrument is 100% handcrafted by our qualified craftsmen at our factory in Chiayi, Taiwan. From student instruments to our professional grade instruments, we ensure the same high quality and use of the same sources of premium material. 

Model:                         CTR-5280L-GLT(D)-L

Key:                              Bb
Finish:                          Lacquer 
Bore:                            ML   0.460"
Bell:                              EURO BELL (Gold Brass)
Leadpipe:                    Twin Tubes

Design Influence:       Gausch

MSRP                            $2400