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Blessing Standard Series offers a full range of brass instruments: Trumpets come in silver-plate and lacquer finishes with an ML .460 bore size and feature Stainless Steel valves and matte finished top and bottom valve caps. A Trombone with a small .500 bore size features chrome plated yellow brass inner and outer slides and a brushed brass bell. Blessing offers a Single and Double French Horn, both featuring a standard bore size, and the double featuring a Kruspe wrap and an unbeatable student price. Blessing’s Baritone completes the series, featuring a small British-style .504 bore with stainless steel pistons.

Model:   706S

​Featured Instrument

The BTR-1460S is a fantastic trumpet for any level of player from advancing student to professional.

In 1962, with the help of Carl "Doc" Severinsen and many other well know professional musicians, the Getzen Company started to design and manufacture a complete line of professional trumpets. In 1991 because of increased demand, an 18,000 square foot addition was built on to the factory. Getzen has become a highly respected brand of trumpets for educators, students and professional players.                                                            


Key:                          Bb
Bore:                        .460"
Bell Diameter          5"
Lead Pipe                Rose Brass
Body Material        Yellow Brass
Bell Material           Yellow Brass; Two-piece
Outer Slide             Nickel Silver Outer Slides
Finish                       Silver-Plate
Pistons/Valves        Monel


Key:                      Bb
Finish:                  Lacquer or Silver Plate
Bore:                    ML .460"
Bell:                      5.0" Gold Brass
Leadpipe:            "Sterling Silver"


  • Key:   Bb 
  • Bore Size:   .460"
  • Finish:   Silver Plate
  • Mouthpipe:  Gold brass
  • Bell:  4¾" two piece yellow brass


     Model:   CTR-5060H

Each CarolBrass® instrument is designed and manufactured based on more than 30 years of experience and knowledge, and we promise each CarolBrass® instrument is 100% handcrafted by our qualified craftsmen at our factory in Chiayi, Taiwan. From starter instruments to our professional grade instruments, we ensure the same high quality and use of the same sources of premium material.