#1.  Wash your hands!  The best way to keep your instrument clean is to be clean your self.  Touching your instrument with dirty hands can transfer dirt, bacteria and even viruses to your instrument. 

#2.  Know what to clean --  The parts of the instrument that are touched most frequently are the parts that are most likely to pass on germs. Where the hands go, so go got the germs.

#3.  Be Gentle  --   Instruments are delicate.  Most are made of wood or soft metal and most all can be damaged by rough handling or caustic cleaning products. A good rule of thumb is ...don't use anything you wouldn't use on your face.  This included harsh chemicals, scouring pads or anything abrasive.

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In consideration of the Covid 19 pandemic we have increased our awareness and efforts to clean and sanitize rental instruments. Studies show that the viruses can survive on certain surfaces for as long as 10 days. In an effort to properly clean and sanitize our rental instruments, we employ anti-fungal, anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral cleaning treatment.  Studies show that users of school owned or rented musical instruments may be more susceptible to infections from instruments that are not maintained properly.  With this in mind, we added an ultraviolet light system to our cleaning and sanitizing regimen. We found that an instrument exposed to an ultraviolet light for various time lengths of up to 120 seconds was effective at eradicating most of the bacteria and viruses found on the instrument, the mouthpiece and/or the reed.