To maintain your instrument and to keep it in top playing condition, you should have your instrument inspected annually by a technician.                                                  



  • Flush and Lube
  • Soldering
  • Dent Removal
  • Valve Work
  • ​Stuck Mouthpiece
  • Regulate Keywork 
  • Tune UP
  • Replace Corks
  • Fit Mouthpiece
  • Complete Repad  

You may have picked up a used instrument from a friend or on "Craig's List" or maybe you purchased an instrument from an internet site. Quite often people need repairs or adjustment for used as well as new instruments, our shop will inspect and provide a written description (FREE) of the issues and give you a quote for repair, set up or adjustment.

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  • ​Replace Strings
  • New/Adjust Bridge
  • New/Set Sound Post
  • Adjust Pegs
  • Set Up

                  Brass                                              Woodwinds                                     Strings

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